Meet the team


Anne has been a Silversmith and Jewellery designer for 12 years. What initially started as a pastime when her children were very young (inspired by her teenage years working in her Mothers jewellery shop in Shrewsbury town centre many years ago) has gradually become a thriving business. Anne says "I am so lucky to have turned a hobby into a career, and get to do something I love every day! I love the jewellery making process:  When I create a new design, the silver goes through many processes which are time consuming but very rewarding: you start with a piece of silver sheet or wire and by cutting, shaping, texturing and polishing, I can create something beautiful, something that you would necessarily think of when you see the initial piece of raw silver".


Kate, has been working with Anne for 4 years now, but they have been great friends for over 25 years! Kate makes the business run smoothly and is first point of contact for most retail customers and stockists. She is a vital member of the team and handles everything from answering the phone, to sending out orders, to finishing the jewellery pieces themselves. There’s nothing Kate can’t turn her hand to!


The ‘face’ of Anne Reeves Jewellery, Emily has modelled in all of our photo shoots to date, and never fails to add her glamour and beauty to our brand!


If you’ve had an email from us, Nic is probably responsible! In charge of our email marketing and PR, she uses her skills to ensure all our customers are kept informed about what is new at ARJ, and any offers we may have.


Last, but definitely not least, Josh is in charge of finishing and polishing. I laborious job, which often means he is stuck over a dirty machine in the cellar for hours on end, he somehow remains jovial and never complains (we do let him out occasionally if he’s really well behaved!).

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